[Javascript filter] window.showModalDialog not loading - but only for one user
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window.showModalDialog opens a new window, but the page doesn't load. It's only a problem for one user - all others have been fine. What gives?

I've got a .NET 2.0 web app. One of the pages has button with a bit of javascript that opens a modal pop-up. Pretty straightforward - just window.showModalDialog("popup/somePopup.aspx");

As far as I know, this has worked for all users in the system (if it didn't, we'd have a lot more complaints, because without it users can't edit any data). Until yesterday. One user is now having a problem - the pop-up window opens, but the page doesn't load at all. The user says it's a problem in both IE8 and in Firefox.

I have no idea what's wrong, and my google-fu isn't finding much help. What could it be? Is there some security policy that might be causing it?
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Does this sample use of window.showModalDialog() work for them? (Linked from mozilla DOM reference).
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Response by poster: Excellent question. I will let you know as soon as they've tested it.
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My intuitions are: a) systemwide popup blocker is installed and interfering b) the dialogs open, but open behind the main window so never get seen.
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Response by poster: Update: User says the sample from the mozilla DOM reference works, but the dialog from our site is still blank.
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So the popup opens, but the page popup/somePopup.aspx doesn't load. I suspect you need to look for errors in that page, or into the url itself, or in whatever you are passing to the url -- after all the dialog is coming up.
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Response by poster: Turns out there was some security policy on the user's network that prevented the popup from loading. I'll never know exactly what it was, because their network security guys are keeping it confidential, but at least it's over with.
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