MicroSD slot in Dell E6400?
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My new work laptop is a Dell Latitude E6400. It doesn't come with much documentation (nor does Dell's website offer much) so I've been trying to figure out all of the hardware features on my own. When I removed the battery I noticed what looks like a MicroSD card slot. Is it? Can I use it for ReadyBoost?
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That's probably a SIM card slot if there's an internal 3g card.
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Best answer: If you pop in the service code on Dell's website, you should be able to see the exact hardware configuration.
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My laptop has a SIM slot right there. But mine doesn't actually have the internal card, as I found out when I stuck my phone's SIM in there and heard it rattling around inside the laptop. Thankfully, I was able to get it back out just by opening the RAM access panel instead of having to disassemble the computer.
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Response by poster: Darn, it is indeed a SIM slot. My laptop has no 3G card so it's useless. Thanks all.
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There should be a SD slot on the front of the laptop though. You might be able to use that. Are you using that much memory that you need ready boost? They support 8GB of RAM.
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Don't bother with readyboost. Get more RAM if you find you're running low.
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