Where can I find these amazing plastic hingeless jewel cases?
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I work for a public radio show. Sometimes we receive flexible CD cases from film studios that we absolutely love. We'd like to order a case of these. However, we can't seem to find them online. They don't have hinges -- and they're incredibly thin. This is what they look like. Do you know what these are called and where we can get them?

They're not these because we called and asked if they were flexible; they're not -- and they have hinges.

We assume that film companies are buying these in bulk from a plant. We'd like to order from the same plant -- but we can't figure out what they're called.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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What about these, from a library supply company?
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I work in a library and we use showcases1.com. look for the thinpack dvd ones.
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shiny blue has it. They are called polypropylene jewel cases or more exactly, polypropylene clamshells.
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Thank you both. I think you've solved this mystery. This is very exciting.
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Just look for polypropylene cases.

On preview, shiny blue object got it.
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If you need a good source for these in bulk, I have consistently purchased from Super Media Store and been happy every time. $25 and over and you get free shipping and with stuff like this, it's pretty easy to get over $25.
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Thanks everyone from everyone here in Philly! We have an abundance of jewel(ed)...cases....
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