Source for Right Angle PC Mount Potentiometers
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Where can I order Alpha Single-Gang 16mm Right-angle PC Mount Potentiometers that are 100K log/audio taper?
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How about Mouser?
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I haven't been able to find it in audio taper from Mouser with the right angle mount. In theory it would be RV16AF-41-15R1-A100
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Audio-taper dual pots are a pain-in-the-ass to find. There's the Alps RK27 (the blue one-inch cube), and the Panasonic EVJ (which is cheaper). Tangent usually has them both in his shop.
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Places like Mouser or DigiKey will sometimes order parts they don't normally carry, as long as they carry other things from that manufacturer. It's worth a try. Alternately, have you tried starting from the supplier end and asking them what distributor might carry the pot you want in singles?
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