Where should I go for a day near Philadelphia?
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Looking for a fun day trip to take in the Philadelphia area. I would prefer someplace with sun and cool breezes and swimming in some kind of body of water. Anyone with experience in this sort of thing have any ideas?

Neither my girlfriend nor I have a car, so we rarely leave town except to go to other towns, but we have one tomorrow and are looking to celebrate by going somewhere interesting. I've been considering French Creek, Tyler, Longwood Gardens, and even close by Wissahickon Valley. Does anyone have any other ideas for fun places that are in the vicinity of an hour's drive from Philadelphia?
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French Creek is awesome, Ridley Creek is closer and an old standby but is smaller, Longwood is always worth a trip but is better if you bundle it with a trip to the Brandywine. You can rent canoes and go canoeing on the Brandywine, too, so you could get your swim on. The Wissahickon is my regular since it's across the street from my place but Devil's Pool gets a little gang-y in the summertime so it's kind of beat as a swimming destination.
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Go rafting in the Poconos.
The Poconos have beginner level rafting trips. You can swim in the river.

It is a great day trip from Philly.
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Slightly further than your "one hour drive", but you could always head to the Jersey Shore - Atlantic City is just over an hour from Philly, and you can even get via bus.

Sun, breeze, and water.
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Hershey Park? Shouldn't be terribly crowded on a Tuesday. Sun, breeze, and waterpark at least.
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Ridley Creek State Park is OK, but there isn't much there. Brandywine Picnic Park is nice, but a little out of the way. Lake Nockamixon is lake-y and in a different direction. Or Washington's Crossing SP, Delaware River, canal towpaths.
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St. Peter's Village is fun to go to.

French Creek runs through the town and runs through a few hundred feet of boulders that you can clime on and chill out. Small town, but there's a restaurant or two, and things to see.
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Boulder Field in Hickory Run is fun but it is murder on the ankles. Bring good hiking boots.
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Ricketts Glen State Park is very nice but is more like 3 hours away. It has waterfalls and swimming.
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The New Jersey Pinelands is surprisingly woodsy, canoeing/kayaking is available there as well as hiking and biking.

Along the lines of Longwood Gardens, Morris Arboretum also makes for a sunny/breezy afternoon. (Although it can't match Longwood's fountains.)
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Try tubing on the Delaware River:
Fun, cooling, and easily accessible.
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Delaware Water Gap.
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Bushkill Falls is an absolutely breathtaking daytrip. It's probably closer to two hours away, but it's absolutely stunning. The breeze is cool from the falls, there's easy but gorgeous hiking, and while there is technically a "no swimming/wading in the falls" rule, we went in full view of the rangers with no problem.
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