I want an American flag made of other, smaller American flags.
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I need an awesome graphic for my 4th of July bbq invite. Something along the lines of Chuck Norris riding a firebreathing eagle attacking a bear army with an american flag background (for instance).

I see these things all over the internet when I'm not looking for them, but I'm drawing a total blank today. Is there some specific forum for bombastic over-the-top patriotic photoshop compositions? Or got any good options with links?
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you could try asking the reddit.com community to make something for you.
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I just Googled 'chuck norris american flag' and lots of stuff like this came up (this is pretty good):

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How about this graphic from the Onion.
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Did you image-Google +proud +american? (+eagle for good measure?) I found some moving pics such as this with those terms.
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Best answer: I'm personally a fan of George Washington riding a triceratops
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Maybe not as badass as you're looking for, but I get a kick out of this picture of Obama riding a giant, flying Corgi. Just Google Image Search "Obama Corgi."
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You are looking for this.
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Doesn't get more American than this.

There's a site called Rock and Roll Confidential* that once posted a graphic of Reagan, Bush, Jesus, and a whole bunch of other American icons but I've been unable to find it. I'm tempted to start another AskMe question because I'd love to have it again.

*I'm 98% sure that was the site I saw it at. I think they used it on July 4th one year instead of a regular Hall of Douchebags submission.
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(The image I'm speaking of was along the lines of what ND¢ posted, only more awesome.)
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Best answer: I see you've alredy picked a winner but this one looks fun.
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@ND¢: zOMG. Too much. Three much, even!
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Response by poster: JV - theirs wasn't the winner, necessarily, but the best thus far, as was yours-- the current winner. :)
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If anyone else was utterly baffled by the two dudes on the flying corgi with Obama, here is the rundown.
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If you've got Photoshop skillz, you could always take this, put a flag on another layer and adjust the opacity accordingly (or apply your favorite blend mode). What's more American than Joe Namath barefoot on a horse smoking a cigar?
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If you keep this up, we'll never get an image tag.
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