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What is currently the best method to convert an Xvid video (or series of videos) to DVD?

There are many guides out there that describe how to do this, most are 3-5 years old using software that doesn't exist anymore. Anyone seen a current guide that works pretty well?
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DVD Flick should work well.

First, I would investigate whether your DVD player has any support for MPEG-4 ASP videos (XviD; DivX); if so, then you can often play the movies without re-encoding to DVD by burning them to CD or DVD-R (but you may have to losslessy alter them to have a packed bitstream, re-encode the audio, etc.). Look for any sort of "DivX certified" type logo.

Bear in mind that your source movies are likely to be relatively low-quality, so while using an adequate bitrate for MPEG-2 encoding for DVD is important, at some point you're just not going to get any more visual quality out of them.
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Windows DVD Maker works well if you have Vista or Windows 7.
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I find ConvertXtoDVD really easy to use.
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Seconding ConvertXtoDVD.
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And if you really want to put together awesome professional presentations, slideshows, self-extracting, self-playing exes etc, and turn strings of avis/JPGs etc into DVDs with interactive menus, background music and the like, check out Proshow Producer.
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Love ConvertXtoDVD.
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Also love ConvertXtoDVD -- I know it's sounding like a broken record in here, but it's easy to use -- you can do simple stuff without knowing much or some flashier stuff with very little effort -- and you really can't beat free.
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