How to make each toe warm?
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What sort of warm warm socks should I wear with my Vibram Five Fingers Sprint in the cold cold Chicago winter?

Thermal toe socks must exist somewhere!! I've found Feelmax Arctic Socks online, but it doesn't say to what temperatures these will protect my feet. They say they're used for skiing and snowboarding purposes, so I assume they will be warm enough. Are there any other options? I need something that'll protect my little piggies from temperatures around 20-30F!
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I have to say, knit your own toe socks. Then you'll know they fit your toes.

(it's not that hard, I swear! I would teach you, but I'm not in Chicago. If you decide to learn, find a local yarn shop in Chicago that offers lessons.)
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I was wearing the VFF Flow during the winter (before I decided they were a size too tight and I gave them to a friend), and they did make good on the claim to keep my feet warm(er).

If you do get sox, I would size for it.
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I hate to say it, but as much as I freaking love my VFFs (and they're Sprints, too) the problem isn't going to be the cold as much as the dampness.

Maybe it's different for you, but stepping in a puddle ruins the next couple of hours for me. I can only imagine how much worse it'll be in the snow/immediate sludge/ice cycle that is Chicago winter.
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Isn't that the point of the Flow? To keep your feet warm? I would invest in those instead of trying to cram toe socks into your Sprints. (Make sure you try them out. Maybe I had the wrong size, but the inner seams of the Flows I tried would have ripped up my toes if I kept using them. The Sprints are more comfortable, I'll agree...)
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Injinji makes performance toe-socks.
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Sock Dreams carries a nice variety of toe socks. Perhaps a pair of wool walkers would be suitable?
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Response by poster: Zeek321- I would get a pair of Flows but I'm a completely broke college student.
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The Ininji socks will fit nicely inside a pair of FiveFingers, but you'll need to be sure your shoes are actually big enough to accommodate the socks.

Also, keep in mind that separating your toes will make it easier for them to get cold - the same reason mittens are warmer than gloves. The neoprene FiveFingers would probably be warmer even without socks. So, if you are going to have to buy a bigger pair anyway, skip the socks and look at the Flows. Broke or not, there are always ways of paying for things. My freshman year roommate spent a lot of time donating plasma for cash...
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