Safe Affordable Rentals Near Fordham U
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Can you recommend safe, affordable areas to live in around Fordham University?

Someone I know is thinking about taking a job at the college, and wants to check out affordable but safe areas. She's been told to check out NJ and Westchester and Manhattan, and Woodlawn, Riverdale and Throgs Neck in the Bronx itself. She's willing to commute and to have a roommate, but wants a decent place, preferably with parking and a yard, although those aren't deal breakers. We're probably going to drive up tomorrow and check out the areas recommended most. Can you help?
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Riverdale is nice.

Manhattan doesn't have lawns.

Westchester: parts of New Rochelle and Yonkers would fit the bill.
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A train or bus trip from a cute commuter town in New Jersey to the Bronx will take a hundred zillion years, and the cost will almost certainly cancel out any savings on rent.

I guess driving from somewhere near the GWB would be doable but it strikes me as exhausting and soul-draining (and still expensive).

In this case I would concentrate on the areas north and east of the campus, like dfriedman mentioned.
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Best answer: Fordham is a bit of a hike from the subway, her best bet is to go up the Metro North line. Woodlawn is still in the Bronx, features yards and good pubs. Riverdale and Throgg's Neck (double-G forever, FU Robert Moses!) are also nice areas but she'd have to commute by car bike or bus. Anyway, I'd star with the Woodlawn/Mclean Ave area of Yonkers for fun and convenience. What are her interests outside of the college?
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Agreeing that NJ would be an unpleasant haul and that the Yonkers/Woodlawn/Riverdale suggestions are more what you want.
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Response by poster: D'oh I didn't realize that Yonkers and New Rochelle were in Westchester - I've been to both and they're pretty nice. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. So does zeroing in on Westchester and Woodlawn sound good?
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Somewhere near Pelham Bay Park wouldn't be a bad idea. It's a VERY affordable neighborhood as NYC goes, and a pretty short bus ride on the #12 to Fordham. Throggs Neck is another great neighborhood, but you won't have the same public transit convenience.

Depending on your timeframe, you might also want to look at Co-Op City. I grew up there, and although it kinda gets a bad rap some times (the architecture has been not-unjustifiably described as "Soviet") it's probably the best housing bargain for working people anywhere in New York. It's also a straight shot on the #12 bus.

I would forget Jersey if I were you - the most direct route from NJ to the Bronx is via the GWB, and you want NO part of that at rush hour.
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Also, Fordham has two campuses. One is in the Bronx, and the other is near Lincoln Center, in Manhattan. I assume you're referring to their main campus in the Bronx.

Mt. Vernon is another possibility (also in Westchester).
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Best answer: Woodlawn is a very nice place, I'm a big fan of it. I considered living there more than once. Not expensive either. I'd pick that decades before I'd pick Yonkers. Not a bad commute at all from there either.
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Response by poster: We're going to zero in on Woodlawn. Thanks so much, everyone.
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