Anyone used Piano Wizard?
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Anyone used Piano Wizard to help their child (or themselves) learn keyboard? What did you think?

Piano Wizard

Considering buying this software and the included midi keyboard to test the water with one of my sons. He really likes video games, and has expressed some interest in the piano. I've tried violin lessons, and it didn't go well for him (attention span). Thinking of trying this and, if he shows some interest, getting a real keyboard and some lessons. Anyone tried the software? I'm sure the keyboard is low-end, but is it reliable and will it get the job done?
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Try starting off with Synthesia, and picking up a cheap keyboard. You can load any midi file into it, so you're set for songs.
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well, bought a keyboard at guitar center and some software they had to get him started. I think it's a bit too left brain for him. Probably going to give synthesia a try. Thanks.
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