Help me find a Brooklyn engagement for my California-bound lady!
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I need jewelry store recommendations in Brooklyn. I'm buying an engagement ring for my girlfriend and I want a simple gold band that I can get engraved. The store must be in Brooklyn and the rings should be at least somewhat affordable ($200-700).

I'm proposing to my girlfriend this summer. She doesn't want a diamond or any gem. I want to buy the ring in Brooklyn because we're (a bit sadly) moving to the West Coast at the end of the summer. She gravitates towards either plain menswear jewelry (cufflinks, heavy gold bands) or somewhat more unique rings like this or this.

I've done some research and stumbled upon Clay Pot, Catbird, Studio 174 and Cog & Pearl (the latter doesn't seem to have engagement-related rings). What other local designers do you know and like? Stores with websites are a big help so I can browse their selection before I go in. Thanks!
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You can get simple gold bands quite cheaply at any major department store with a jewelry section. If they don't also offer engraving pretty much every mall has a few small shops that do.
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You really aren't going to see the full range of options unless you go to the stores in person.

Clay Pot works with lots and lots of jewelry designers, and when we ring-shopped they had a nice printed catalog with full-color photos and info for ordering custom work, but the one we settled on wasn't in the printed catalog.

BTW Richard Landi in particular does work that's similar to the ring in your first link -- my ring has similar, though smaller, detail. Note also that raised/textured designs can wear down over time.
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We bought our rings at the Clay Pot and they have much more in-store than online. Great customer service, too, and lots of local jewelry designers to choose from. I'd go there in person and take a look.
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Liloveve. We were treated wonderfully, and the designer is ready and able to customize at your request.
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My engagement ring is from Catbird - a variation on the Old World ring by Katrina Lapenne. She's local - in fact, she was in the store when my fiancée picked up the ring and offered to design a matching wedding band, which I thought was nice.

I also like the jewelry at St Kilda - it's near Cog & Pearl on 5th avenue in Park Slope. Good luck!
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