Accident-Only Health Insurance?
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Can anyone recommend an "accident only" health insurance plan? i.e, it will cover doctor/hospital costs only in the case of accidental injury? I already have a high deductible BCBS plan --- I'm looking for something even more spartan.
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I assume you're in the US... This may be difficult to find, as most states have minimum coverage requirements for even high-deductible plans. Can you tell us where you live?
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Response by poster: Illinois
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AFLAC pays you cash in the event of accidents or cancer.
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What you're looking for is probably a limited benefits plan. Illinois has very specific regulations of those sorts of plans, more stringent than many other states. I'm not an expert in this area, but a little research leads me to believe that it may be illegal for an insurer in Illinois to offer an accident-only plan. I'd recommend calling a licensed insurance broker in your state to get details about what's available and the regulations governing it.
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For a few months, I had the Empire BC/BS Hospital Plan, which might be what you're looking for. This appears to be the IL version.
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You may be looking for what is called a catastrophic illness policy.
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I had a plan like this from Assurant Health. Sadly, I'm not going to recommend them since, while I had no problems with them since I didn't use one iota of my coverage, I heard (long after having the policy) that they're impossible to deal with and frequently do everything in their power not to pay out claims. And since the claims are for exactly those catastrophic medical problems with their associated catastrophic costs, really sucks for those left holding a $30,000 or higher medical bill.

So count this as a recommendation against them, even if they do have (cheap) policies which appear to meet your needs.
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Yeah, go with AFLAC.
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I also have a plan from Assurant Health, mostly to protect myself from being denied coverage for a pre-existing condition should I get a job with benefits in the near future. Like zpousman said, there are a lot of stories out there about the difficulty of getting them to pay out claims.

Additionally, if you do file a claim on your policy with Assurant, they can then prohibit you from renewing that policy the next time around. So avoid Assurant if you can, and check any policy you're considering for similar restrictions. A spartan policy will end up screwing you if it becomes useless once you've filed a claim.
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