How to get gridlines to print in Numbers
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How can I get gridlines to print using Numbers?

First AskMe because I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out how to get the gridlines and shading to print on the tables I spent 2 hours making today. So far I've darkened all of the cell borders and shading but to no avail. Additional info: I have only black ink in the printer, but the entire document is black/gray so this shouldn't be a problem.

I had this problem when I was using Excel but that has a simple fix: click "print gridlines" in the toolbox.

Is it my printer? Am I missing something? Doesn't it seem odd that the apparent default of a table and graph-making program is to NOT print lines?

Please help.
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Do they show up if your print to a PDF?
posted by floam at 6:04 PM on June 27, 2010

Also, might this be the solution?
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They do show up when I print to PDF but they don't actually print if I print from Preview either.

That support discussion is where I got the idea to darken the cell boundaries and whatnot and it doesn't solve my not-print-the-shading problem either.
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Is this a black and white printer or a color printer with only black ink? If the latter, make sure OS X is printing in grayscale mode.
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Can you just add a cell border? If I wanted to see lines, I'd add a cell border. A gridline just allows you to figure out when creating the spreadsheet where each cell starts and ends.
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Attempt a printer nozzle check/cleaning though Print & Fax in System Preferences? It could be that your printer is failing to print the lines because they're too fine for the nozzles to produce. You could also try increasing the border line weight (make the borders thicker).

I would say in general, grid lines are not needed for tabular data. Rows and columns are readily discernable from white space. Ref Data-Ink Ratio.
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