Can you help me resurrect SoundJam MP?
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Does anyone know what happened to SoundJam MP, and possibly where I could find the source so I could create something for my use?

The only thing I can find, other than a small entry in Wikipedia is this semi-related FPP (which deals more with a competitor.)

I'm curious to learn more about what happened to the developers, but I'm more interested in seeing where I could find some of the source code. I have gotten together with a code monkey (are people still using this term, or is this something old guys like him use to sound trendy?) who thinks he can do something, but the little stuff he can find is pretty ugly. The software's skin development freedom is the real reason why we want this.

I agree, it's probably a futile exercise in SW necromancy, but he's working on something for webOS, and the skin design capability is something he wants. I don't know much about programming, I'm only involved because he found out I still had a mac running 0S 9.0.1 with Soundjam on it (PowerCube. No, I'm not joking...) and he needed to borrow it.
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Soundjam was re-engineered into the original version of iTunes after the rights and source were purchased by Apple. Legally acquiring the code and rights to use it would probably be harder than a hard thing. Off the Mohs scale. See wikipedia and this article about early MacOS mp3 players.
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I recall SoundJam was bought by Apple and became the first release of iTunes. Why would you think the source is floating around out there free for the taking?
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SoundJam's competitor, Audion (made by Panic Software in Portland and still available for free, plus it still works in OS X Snow Leopard!) was a close contender for the iTunes throne, but missed it by that much.

Here's the story!
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Response by poster: Why would you think the source is floating around out there free for the taking?

Because that's what Apple did. They only paid for it after they got caught. Plus, I was hoping some of the many skin designers would at least have some code to offer as a reference, even if it's not the source code for the entire piece.

That, and wishful thinking.
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I specifically remember there being a time when SoundJam disappeared shortly before iTunes first came out. I am pretty sure Apple used SoundJam's technology legitimately from the beginning.
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Best answer: Bathtub BobsledPoster: Because that's what Apple did. They only paid for it after they got caught.

Uh, what? No, Apple bought SJ from C&G. There's no intrigue.
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I miss SoundJam MP too. Read Aquaman's link, it's a great story about SoundJam, Audion and the birth of iTunes.

Apple has squished lots of great innovation from small shareware makers (remember Watson? LaunchBar?) by making their own (less interesting) versions available for free with the OS. The SoundJam guy made the call to say yes to assimilation and I'm sure he's glad he did...
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