Leaf me your suggestions for an assam new tea pot
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My old Bodum tea press took a fall and shattered. Now I need a new tea pot or press before caffeine withdrawal sets in.

I'd prefer something in the 2-3 cup range made of glass, metal, ceramic or any combination of the three (with as little plastic and rubber as possible). I liked using the press, but I have no problems with just removing a basket to stop brewing. What brands and models do y'all use? What do you like and dislike about the one you're using? Thanks for your help.
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Do you know that you can buy a replacement carafe and fit it into the remaining parts of your Bodum?

[Amazon link for convenience and to show various sizes; you may be able to walk into a local shop and buy the plain glass carafe; I have done so successfully. Um, twice in one week; be absolutely sure you've got the new glass properly seated before you sleepily plunge down the filter, or you'll crack it.]
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I use the Chatsford infuser teapots from Upton Tea, and I love them. I have them in every size they make, and 2 in the most common size we use, one for plain tea only and the other for foofy herbal or flavored teas. Bear in mind their "cup" is a six-ounce teacup, not an 8 or 12 ounce mug.
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I don't do tea, being a coffee person myself, but youngest daughter (age 22) loves this thing. Best part about it - it's very difficult to break one.

I use something similar to this for my coffee - also difficult to break.
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I got a Bodum teapot (4 cups I think) and I hate it. The spout is too little, and the tea dribbles out sadly instead of gushing forth proudly. Don't get one of those unless you want to experience sympathetic urinary twitches.
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There are many questions like that at teachat. It really depends on what teas you drink. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of teapot. Without going into too much detail, if you like good sencha, you want a kyusu made out of earthenware; if you like good oolongs and puer, you want to have a few gongfu pots, if you like chinese greens, porcelain and glass are best; ceramic pots, porcelain and glass are good for black teas. I have a 3 cup Jenaer glass pot and a 2 cup Bodum with a flat bottom and no spout.

The perfect way to make tea is to brew without an infuser and then decant into the 2nd pot. You might think that a press is more convenient and it may be, but you can't leave the tea in it because it keeps infusing even when pushed down. I haven't used a press for tea myself.

Cast iron pots are the worst, they don't work well with anything except for flavoured teas. This isn't just my opinion - it's pretty universally agreed on among tea fans. They look cool and can't be destroyed but that's about it.

Here's another option: an infuser mug. Notice that infuser takes up the whole volume, this is much better than a teapot with an infuser that's half or less of volume. If you're ok with the smaller size, it'll work better than a teapot. If you do need to make more tea, 2 glass or porcelain pots are the best for most types of tea.
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Glassware at specialteas - the 3 cup (and larger) jenaer pots are listed there. The glass kettle is also really great but it's cheaper at Adagio teas.
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I did what Elsa did and bought a replacement carafe at Sur La Table.
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I have a glass teapot that I love, and would definitely recommend. Around seven years ago, I got a 0.5L Petit model Jenaer Glas teapot. I find it to be just the right size, beautiful, and with just the right shape spout that never drips. In 2005 they went out of business (The name was later purchased by a different glassware company, and now sells different designs), and I worried that at some point I would break my teapot and be unable to replace it. Fortunately, the Hungarian company that had been doing the actual production for them, Trendglas, has purchased the molds and continued production.

So, I recommend the Trendglas Pretty Tea I, also sold as the Petit teapot (the original name). One caveat is that the glass infuser clogs easily. I replaced mine with a metal mesh infuser that looks like this from a local tea shop—the correct size was one with "85号 78-84 mm" printed on the rim. It looks like Trendglas also makes a model with a stainless steel strainer, if you can find that for sale.
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I have used my Beehouse teapot for years. It's attractive, functional (no weird drips when pouring), and not expensive.
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