Where can I find the classic arcade game 'Burgertime' in Vegas?
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I'm looking for a place to play the arcade classic 'Burgertime' in Las Vegas - does anyone know where to find it? I'm traveling through and would love to track it down.

I've checked previous questions, such as this one but there was nothing specific to NV or Vegas (Dave and Busters aren't there yet!
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The Pinball Hall of Fame has quite a few arcade games too. Email them: pinballhalloffame@msn.com
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I know it's not the same, but you should be aware that the capacity to play this online exists, if you weren't already.
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Mwongozi Thanks! The PHoF might be able to point me in the right direction - though the game isn't listed as part of their collection.

disillusioned - Awesome! I'll need to practice before I get there - there's pride at stake. My travel buddy? She's a Burgertime fiend!
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Here's a list of arcades in Las Vegas, but nothing gets more specific that I can see.

You may want to stop by the Circus Circus arcade, it's been 5 or 6 years since I've been there, but I seem to remember that had some "classic" titles that I remember being amazed they had still running: Star Castle, Robotron, etc.
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Ok, a little more research led me here, but I take no responsibility for what might happen to you, because the website is a little scary. This looks like a personal arcade in Las Vegas by someone called Brent. His "Jack Daniel's BARcade" has many amazing old games including Burgertime, however it's unclear how exactly one gets there. Suppose you have to email him, the email link is the broken graphic at the very bottom of the page.

Could either be the story of a lifetime or a complete downer.
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I think a complete downer is the story of a lifetime!

Circus Circus is another option I like the look of!

Thanks jeremias!
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Just an update (for anyone else who might happen to want to find Burgertime in Vegas) - The Barcade e-mail address doesn't seem to be working.

However, the Pinball Hall of Fame have Burgertime available on multi-cade.
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