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How can I help my Reeves turtle get it on? I'm in NYC and looking to mate my turtle.

I have a female Reeves turtle and would like to mate her. She is approximately 20 years old, healthy and has not mated before. I've tried looking for other Reeves owners in the NYC area on Craigslist and in forums, and have even attended a couple reptile expos to no avail. I'm looking for tips on how to find other Reeves turtle owners in the area. Any good NYC-centric herp forums? Any mefites own a Reeves? General tips on mating? Any help would be appreciated!
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Best answer: Everything I know about turtles I learned from The Year of the Turtle: A Natural History by David M. Carroll. It has a lot of information about mating and nesting. I only mention it because I got the impression that besides just a male Reeves turtle, successful mating and nesting might require specific environmental factors that would be hard to provide in an urban residence.

If you're a turtle fan, you'd probably enjoy the book for its own sake.
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