How can I fix the my "enter" key on my notebook?
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My enter key on my notebook stopped working... can it be fixed?

My laptop is an ASUS A3F Notebook.

The "Enter" key all of a sudden stopped working completely. It doesn't work in windows or in BIOS.

The warranty has run out.
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Replace with a new keyboard from Ebay forless than 30 bucks
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If it's broken, have you tried prying the key off, with a something like a pencil or flathead screwdriver? I've "fixed" several non-working keys by just cleaning out whatever junk's stuck under them.

Be careful - laptops' keyboards are a little more fragile.
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do you eat over your laptop? try a can of air.
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Sticky keys are common, and there are tutorials all over the web for fixing and/or replacing laptop keyboards. Good luck!
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Blow air around or under the key. Often, in my experience, the problem is a bit of hair preventing the key from being fully depressed.
posted by Kevin S at 6:28 AM on June 27, 2010

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