How to legally download movies and t.v. in Canada?
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Anybody know of a Canadian Hulu/Netflix equivalent service for downloading or streaming movies or t.v. shows legally?

I know streams lots of good t.v. shows and I heard a rumor that will start a downloading service sometime this fall - is this correct? I've tried using proxy servers to trick Hulu into letting me watch their shows, but they are too crafty for my (ancient) tricky ways...
Fully willing to pay membership fees and or per use fees like iTunes and through my xbox - the problem with these is that they offer crappy selection in the Canadian stores (when using a Canadian IP address)... Is it possible to switch my iTunes store to the U.S. store and purchase/rent from there?
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US VPN proxy...
posted by yoyo_nyc at 9:41 PM on June 26, 2010

What do you mean, they're too crafty? Tunneling http through a US proxy should work.
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I was able to watch US Hulu via a US VPN when I was on the coast in Panama
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You can watch The Comedy Network online.
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Last time I tried to watch Hulu using a VPN in Canada I got a message saying "Looks like you're using a VPN."

There are shows on CBC, Global, CTV, the Comedy Network, etc. but, in the end, I've just started watching a lot less television.
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Yeah, I have also tried a US VPN and have been blocked by Hulu getting a similar message as betsybetsy. Im actually more interested in downloading movies and t.v. shows that have gone to DVD like Battlestar Gallactica, the BBC's Robin Hood, Dexter etc.
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