any keyboard shortcuts for use with silverlight video in Mac OS?
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Are there any keyboard shortcuts for use with silverlight video in Mac OS? In particular, I'd like to speed up the playback of a streaming video that uses silverlight and wonder if there is a keyboard shortcut I could use to do this. Anyone have any leads on this?
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I think that's going to depend on the specific video player that you're using. Silverlight is a web application development platform, like Flash, so the silverlight-based video player that you're using at site A could be completely different from one that I'm using at site B.

I suspect the better way to phrase your question is "Are there any keyboard shortcuts for use with the [Netflix / Hulu / Whatever ] silverlight video player for MacOS?" So, whose Silverlight player are you wanting to speed up?
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Thank you! I had no idea I was asking the wrong question! I'm using the silverlight player on the website. Sadly, I'll be taking the bar exam in a month and want to see what I can do in MacOs to make the streaming lectures go a little bit faster :)
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Well then, I assume you've read this at Above the Law. Doesn't sound like there's a known method for Macs yet :/
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