Song ID from This American Life tv show
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SongIDfilter: "This American Life" tv show, season 2 episode 2, "Two Wars": what is the song playing over the last 2.5 minutes or so, as the "Grassnost" story's family eats dinner?

It's instrumental, sounds lo-fi, lots of strings. Shazam wouldn't recognize it. At the end of the episode, it just says to check out for info on music, but the site doesn't have anything about music (I went to the TAL site within, and I know I've seen music info for other Showtime shows on their site before, but can't seem to find anything there)! The TAL website has no details on the songs in the tv episode. Google has also been unhelpful.

I recorded it on my iPhone and uploaded the m4a here, in case anyone wants to be adventurous and help (sorry, I have no way to stream it).
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It sounds a bit like Calexico's "Falling from Sleeves".
(Brief clip here, used in the beginning of the video here). The TAL website does say they use a lot of Calexico, so maybe it's one of their other songs?
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I thought it sounded a lot like Calexico too, but it isn't a song I recognize immediately. Maybe I'll browse the Calexico clips on iTunes and see if I can find something.
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Did you ever figure this out?
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Sadly, no. I listened to every Calexico song and couldn't find it, and never got any leads on another band either.
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Drat -- its a beautiful little song. I'll dig a little and update if I ever find it.
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