You start walking your way, I'll start walking mine, what's there to do if we meet in the middle?
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What would you want to see halfway between Gainesville, FL and Atlanta, GA?

I'll be meeting my friend in the general area of Savannah, GA. Recommendations for unusual stores, restaurants, beaches, events, or activities in the fifty mile vicinity? We like thrift-store shopping, barbeque eating, hiking, picking fruit, and drinking beer.

Our original plan was to rendezvous in Savannah, since its at roughly the halfway point, but I've only stopped there once and don't know too much about it. The other things I know are in the area is the hippie Hostel in the Forest near Brunswick, GA and Cumberland Island. Any other suggestions for unusual places that would make a good two day trip?

Also, it'd be wonderful if there were any festivals going on - at this point, our tentative plan is to meet sometime in July.

Finally, Savannah seemed liked a better destination than say, Macon, but I'd be willing to reconsider my opinion if there was compelling evidence.
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Savannah would almost definitely be your best bet, although don't expect it to be necessarily brimming with activity. (In my experience, the lower half of Georgia has roughly nothing to see or do.) Tybee Island is right off the coast of Georgia, about twenty minutes or so from Savannah. It's a cool little beach island you may want to visit. Of course, downtown Savannah is beautiful. It's laid out in an old-fashioned grid system, which makes it fun to walk around and explore. Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery is supposed to be beautiful, but I've never been myself. That might be a cool destination, though, if you're up to it. Outside of downtown Savannah, and outside of the islands and beaches, there's not much else. However, there are lots of shops and restaurants to peruse and purvey, not to mention all that history that hangs over the town.
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Consider renting a boat and going in the Okefenokee (spelling?) swamp. Especially if you like to see alligators (or are they crocodiles?)

BTW Savannah is quite nice, also.
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Go to Savannah, or maybe visit Tybee Island. Most of south Georgia is a blasted hellscape of pine trees and armadillos. And stay the hell out of Macon.
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I visited some friends on Tybee Island one summer. It was pretty enough, but I found the day spent drinking on River Street in Savannah to be much more entertaining.
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Have you ever been to Jekyll Island?
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Away from the coast, south Georgia has infinitely more pine trees than attractions. Especially since you are going in July, I would meet in Savannah or near the coast. You can spend hours walking around the historic part of Savannah or check out the beaches (Tybee Island, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, etc.).

Savannah has plenty of thrift shops, bars and places that will help you learn to love fried seafood instead of BBQ.
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If you're literary or into Americana, South Georgia has the birthplace of Joel Chandler Harris (Uncle Remus) and Flannery O'Conner, author of brilliantly strange fiction. Sorry I don't have time to look them up but a quick google should produce the towns' names.
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The holy grail of oddity between Gainesville and Atlanta is Pasaquan, the home of Eddie Owens Martin, a.k.a. St. EOM. It's a bit to the west of I-75 in Buena Vista.

The towns that fivesavagepalms were thinking of are Eatonton (home of Joel Chandler Harris and Alice Walker) and Millegeville (home of Flannery O'Connor). I've never stopped in Eatonton, but, as far as I remember, Milledgeville is a whole lotta boring. Interesting for Flannery O'Connor, but not much else.

Going up I-95 is probably your best bet. You can stop in at all of the coastal islands - Cumberland Island, St. Simons & Jekyll Islands by Brunswick (be sure to check out the tree spirits), and then spend some time in Savannah and Tybee Island. Much more interesting.
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that fivesavagepalms was thinking of, rather. subject-verb agreement fail.
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Totally agreeing with Savannah. More importantly, if you are taking the scenic route and find yourself driving through a small town by the name of Waldo, DO NOT SPEED. This is one of the most highly ticketed towns in the U.S. The town even posts warning signs. Believe the signs.
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