Decent luxury / high-end rental condos / apartments in Central New Jersey?
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I am working in Central Jersey now (near Princeton), and still living in NYC. Want to know if there any acceptable places for a single guy to live in this area. I checked out River Park at Raritan - it looks ok. Looked at Pike Run in Belle Mead, but I read a number of reviews and they were all pretty bad. Tenants were complaining about bedbugs and poor insulation. Are there any places, preferably on the luxury rental side, that are decent for a single professional to live in the area?
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How luxury are we talking about here? What price range/amenities are you looking for?

There are plenty of apartment complexes in the area (Plainsboro, West Windsor, South Brunswick, etc.)
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Response by poster: pyro979 - ideally onsite parking, washer / dryer, a pool would be nice...any recommendations?
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I've had good experiences using for the tri state area. The message boards have been really helpful. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks, but going through those message boards is like sifting through a basement full of junk..Was hoping for a few targeted answers..
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When I was looking for a place nearby-- though not in your area-- reviews were worse than unhelpful. I think that generally disgruntled residents post on those review sites. The luxury apartment I ended up choosing turned out great, and the reviews in no way matched my experiences with the apartment or the management.

In fact I checked to see if this particular management company had any complexes in your area but they don't.

Anyway, trust your gut feeling and take the opinions of internet strangers with a grain of salt.

Irony intended.
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Sorry not to offer specific recommendations. The price range considered "luxury" in that area will insulate you from a lot of the problems you'd otherwise have. Opt for convenience and the complex that has rental agents who make the best impression on you and who offer you the best deal. You'll pay a premium for proximity to Princeton so avoid that. In the luxury market and with a professional management company in central NJ, I really think you'll be satisfied. I lived in Princeton for five years.
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks again...
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Ugh, Jersey commute. My husband did that from Jersey City to Princeton for two months before deciding it was time to move down to the burbs.

We (couple, no kids, cats) ended up at Avalon Run in Lawrenceville for a couple of years before moving back to Texas at the end of 2007, and it was fine for our needs. The apartment was very nice, but the area is as whitebread as it gets. Memail me if you want specifics.
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Seconding Lawrenceville. Very nice town, lots of young people between Rider, Princeton and TCNJ.
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I had a friend who lived in either the Quail Ridge or Quail Hollow complex in Plainsboro back in 2002-2004. I don't remember if the apartment had washer/dryer in the unit, but I remember that it was a solid apartment at a decent price. Good size, well-maintained, nice location-- it was a very short drive to Princeton, NJ Transit (Princeton Junction station) and Quaker Ridge Mall and all the other shopping out on Route 1. IIRC there was a shopping center or two being built near the complex at the time, so things like grocery stores and such may be even closer now.
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I'll play the contrarian here: Price will absolutely *not* insulate the OP from bedbugs. They are an epidemic across the country and plague residences and hotels from shanties to five-star boutique hotels. To avoid bedbugs, he'll have to do some investigating before he moves in, regardless of the rent he's willing to pay.
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Try taking a drive through Plainsboro--nice community, with lots of condos/apartments in the medium/high price range. I knew someone living in the Ravenscrest complex who seemed to like it there.
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Response by poster: I will drive through Plainsboro, thanks!
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Check out some stuff in Plainsboro, but stay away from Pheasant Hollow.
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