Football without the alcohol
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[Seattle / Tacoma Filter] What public place can I watch the world cup with an 18 year old?

Just found out a friend's brother will be joining us to watch the world cup. He's under 21, so bars and pubs and the usual are out. We've got plans soon after in the South End so we'd prefer to stay south of the Airport.

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Best answer: It will be showing at the Starfire MAD Pizza (14800 Starfire Way, Tukwila) if that's not too far north.
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Best answer: It's too bad you're so far south, because the Phinney Neighborhood Center is showing the games on a huge screen in HD for $3 admission with drinks/snacks for sale inside. I saw the England-USA match there with an underage relative, and the atmosphere was good.
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Response by poster: Great advice! Thanks! Starfire works perfectly! Go USA!
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