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Have you had any luck selling magazines from the last 10 years?

I have a stack of about 100-200 magazines like Vogue, ID, Nylon, Dwell, etc. from 2000-2010. Have you had any luck selling these types of recent design mags, or are they worthless? If so, anywhere other than ebay?
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Half Price Books, a chain used book store, will buy magazines. Pennies on the dollar, obviously, but a lot easier than selling them on eBay.
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Yes, it's ebay, but old issues of the now defunct Domino do quite well. Also the September 2007 Vogue can go for $50-70. You could always research the magazines you have on ebay, see which ones are desirable and list them on Craigslist. Even if you end up mailing them to someone, you can ship them media mail, which is cheap.
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I agree with eBay -- it's my personal go-to for magazines.
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I, for one, would buy your Dwell.
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Ah, I see Half Price is in the States, I'm in Canada. I'll give the ebay effort a go. About the Dwell, it was at the top of a stack when I wrote my question, but I see now it's actually the only one, oops.
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