What are some good iPhone games that my wife and I can play together over a few beers?
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What are some good iPhone games that my wife and I can play together over a few beers?

We both have iPhones, but we don't necessarily need to use them both. We enjoy trivia, and other casual games that don't require major concentration.
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Carcassonne - tile laying game, great interface, you can play head-to-head, or get groups.
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We played Word Warp together -- as in "turning the phone sideways and collaborating." It was pretty fun that way. We recently got Word Warp Extreme, but it's not really the same -- I think it only plays one game at a time, and it shows up pretty clearly how badly one person (*cough*me*cough*) beats up on the other. So we might just go back to the old one.

My partner is obsessed with Words With Friends.
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It's silly - juvenile in fact - but Monkey Shaker is very very funny - especially (only?) when beer is involved.
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Angry birds.
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My wife and I play catch phrase via a free app called Catch Words Free.
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Scrabble, but with the goal of playing silly words, or words based on a theme, not caring who wins point wise.
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I'd nominate "The Wisest Wizard", but you don't need iphones and you need cans.
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I have an Android so YMMV but I assume these are available for iPhone. We play with connect 4, tic tac toe, fx camera (take funny pictures, some of them are FB worthy), tap tap revolution. There are a few that are just reacting to you touching the screen (gravitarium, etc)
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Words with Friends for sure, but I just have to say... there are real games you could play over a few beers... ya know?
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Ooh! You can play Flight Control together, directing planes over to their screen.

PhotoHunt. We both look at the screen, and you can tap either side to point to the differences between the pictures.
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mrs q. and I have a long-running bejeweled blitz rivalry going on. bonus, the high-scores reset regularly so no one is king/queen of the hill for too long before starting over at 0.
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Orbital has head-to-head multiplayer, like an old-school cocktail-table arcade game.

Mr. F and I get vicious, but it's fun.
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There are multiple air hockey apps out there, at least one of which supports playing head to head on one phone. Pretty fun!
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Angry Birds
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Great suggestions... But how is Angry Birds multiplayer?
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iAssociate 2 would be fun for two players to work on together. It's a giant interlinked word game. I've probably played 10+ hours and I'm still not finished, and it's free, too.
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peripatew - I don't really consider it to be, but perhaps pghjezebel was considering it so because it's now part of the Crystal gaming platform?
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