Looking for Lyrics in all the Wrong Places
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Trying to find a lyrics website that doesn't just republish the same wrong lyrics every other lyrics website uses. Does such a thing even exist?

Specifically I am trying to find the lyrics to Drive Like Jehu's "Super Unison." Every site I've been uses the same set, which gives up midway through the song by writing "bla bla bla...".

But this happens all the time. The same set of crap lyrics propagates through all these sketchy sites... are there any good ones out there?
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My usual go-to for correct lyrics is Song Meanings.net. This is where people go to discuss meanings of the lyrics so I find there's always some stickler who has gone in and made corrections. It looks like nobody's done that in this case though.
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I like lyrics.wikia.com usually.
You know . . .editable.

But the same problem exists for your song:
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2nding songmeanings.net, although even they've steered me wrong once or twice.
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There's a site called "Am I Right?" That specializes in posting correct lyrics next to misheard lyrics for laughs. They list by song and band, and the reference you seek may be listed there.
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i've never seen an all over good lyrics site. i've had some luck with finding specialize lyric sites - like "all girl rock", "all country" things like that - but the best bet is to find a fan page of the band, they're usually the closest you'll get if the band doesn't publish it themselves. sometimes you'll find general fan pages as well. but just googling the band name and lyrics will always get you those scammy, crappy sites.
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LyricWiki used to be this for me, but since they've migrated to Wikia they've become as useless as all the other copyers.
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Back when the hotsnakes webpage was still a thing, Froberg (DLJ's frontman) had all of the lyrics to their songs up in a special page (except for paid in cigarettes which was just "blah blah fucking blah"). It looks like Froberg has a Facebook presence: here. Maybe you could try asking directly if you reach a dead end through user-contributed lyrics sites?

In general songmeanings.net is my go to for song lyrics, as they don't have no-copy scripts and other cash grabbing shit.
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Response by poster: Songmeanings.net has the same half-baked version as everyone else. So far, fansites have yielded no further info, but have been a great source of entertainment otherwise. Perhaps I shall have to accost Mr. Froberg via FB.

I wonder how annoying it is for people to bug you about stuff you defunct band did when you are putting out music with other outfits. But man do I miss DLJ.
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Seconding seamus, over in the IMDB thread in the blue someone else extolled the virtues of lyrics.wikia.com.
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Also thanks for the DLJ reminder. I'm not that familiar with Yank Crime but it's all great.
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Putting ("keep the herd in check or be absorbed" -bla) into Google gets rid of all the bla bla bla sites, and moves you to sites that were classy enough to replace that with "etc." Using the same technique for a couple iterations might get you what you want.
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