No, Harvard, you can't have $1900.
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I am looking for a reputable, online, un-pocketbook-bending HTML / CSS course from a real school. Can you help?

Like many other folks, doing a real course will make me focus and actually learn. I don't need tons of hand-holding, and I have people resources in my life to tap into if I need help. I like the idea of Harvard Extension and UCLA Extension but not the price tag.
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Are the W3Schools less than you're looking for?
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Yea, I'm looking for something a little less self-driven.
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Have you checked your local community college?
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I took two XHTML and CSS courses through one of the local colleges, but the courses were delivered by I'm sure for someone who was already at an intermediate level these courses would probably be too basic, but I've learned a good bit. They have a list of participating schools. I paid $169 USD per course.
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