Help me use my old iphone for mad science
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I have an iphone 4. I want to do something interesting with the old, no-longer-in-service, 3g. How do I make it dance? (AND: walk me through jailbreaking and installing android, or linux, or something even crazier?)

So I have this old iphone 3g sitting around, with os 4.0 on it. It no longer has any service (I upgraded to an iphone 4). I don't want to connect it to my macbook (for fear it'll confused itunes), but I have a crappy old windows/linux pc to connect it to.

What can I do with the 3g? My first inclination is to jailbreak the crap out of it and then install android, just so I can play with that OS. But I'm not really clear on how jailbreaking works -- I know there's a jailbreak out for 4.0, but it doesn't seem to, you know, have an instructions on it, and I don't know very well how the iphone works. (If someone wants to walk me through it?)

(Also also also ... does anyone have any recs for great apps that really take advantage of the new speed/display of the 4?)

Also, anything else interesting I can do on it?
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Android on the iPhone 3G is mostly non functional, and with the current build you'll get an hour or so of battery life. Not really worth it.

Have you thought about selling it?
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I'm about to replace my iPhone 3G and I plan on turning it into a permanent Airfoil receiver. I have a home theater in the living room and my laptop's in the bedroom. Occasionally I'll use Airfoil Speakers now but it's less than ideal because, well, I use the phone for making and receiving calls. Once my cell service is discontinued I'll keep it plugged in with the USB-to-AC adapter full-time, and hook it up to my audio receiver permanently with Airfoil Speakers always running. It's an easy way to get wireless audio in my house.

If you're looking for something more hardcore, check out ServersMan, a poorly documented/translated but very cool app that will turn the iPhone into a web server (among other things).
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For $10 you can turn it into a tiny external display for your Macbook.
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If you have an iPad, it can be a very expensive Scrabble tile holder for guests without their own iOS devices.
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I'm still using my jailbroke iPhone 2G :)
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If you want a jailbreak, search for "Spirit". You press a button, wait for a reboot and the jailbreak is done. After that, it has Cydia installed, which lets you install a bunch of other stuff.
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