What was the name of this murder mystery I read in grade school?
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Help me remember this book (murder mystery) we read in grade school, with only vaguely remembered details (aka what askme does best)

I think we read this book around 6th grade, but it might have been a higher level book. I'm pretty confident it was a book and not part of our anthology. I'm also fairly confident that it was a murder mystery. Maybe it was more like a script from a weekend murder mystery type event; I'm not sure.

One distinguishing detail I'm fairly confident in: main characters (maybe the victims?) had names with directions in them: e.g. Northman, Eastwood. I don't remember if those were the exact names, but I'm pretty confident they had directions such as those.

A less certain detail: the victims weren't actually killed? They were just wax figures. If this is right then I'm guessing it was framed as a sort of murder mystery weekend type story.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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The Westing Game
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Seconding The Westing Game. Great book!
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Yup. Sounds like The Westing Game. With Turtle Wexler and Barney Northrup and a whole cast of characters that are all sort of trying to figure out the mystery of what happened to one central "Mr Boddy-type" character.
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One of the best books grade school will have you read. Still an enthralling read at any age!
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The Westing Game, indeed. And if you liked that as a kid, re-read it as an adult and then, just for kicks, read The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel). Ellen Raskin is a kind of god. Grape Mrs. Carillon!
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I couldn't resist chiming in on the Westing Game chorus; a book so beloved that not only do I still have my copy, but I also wrote about it for my "what is your favourite book" college application essay.
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Ha! I only read the title of this question and thought "The Westing Game". I haven't read it since grade school. Based on the comments here it sounds like it holds up.

And lo and behold, it's only $1.99 at Barnes and Noble right now! I'm ordering this immediately.

Thanks chndrcks and mefi!
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