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I'm wondering where I can find some community noticeboards in Liverpool, England?

I've recently moved to Liverpool, and I'm looking for work and accommodation. In my home town of Melbourne there's a well-known community noticeboard at the Readings bookshop in Carlton, which is the usual first place to check when looking for a place to live. Is there something similar in Liverpool?
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Where I live (London), you can find a lot of accommodation wanted/offered, job notices and other such posted at local Sainsburys, public libraries and newsagents. It's pretty local alright, but there's no way of vetting the information offered.
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I'm not sure if you're considering looking online but Gumtree might have what you're after.
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If any bookshop in Liverpool has this, it will be News from nowhere, near the top of Bold Street on the right (as you're walking up to St Luke's, the bombed-out church with the garden inside). Doesn't figure on Google Maps, oddly, but it was there last time I looked a couple of months ago. Here it is on street view.

It's a good place to know about even if they don't have a noticeboard!
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Thanks, I just checked out News From Nowhere. That's the kind of thing I was looking for, yes, though unfortunately slim pickings on that board. It's nice to know the location of the local left/activist bookshop though, which that appears to be.

I have checked Gumtree and the local supermarkets also. Thanks all for your input.
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