My ring tarnished, and now it's fading away (onto me)!
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My wife gave me a ring 2-3 years ago (while we were still dating). It's made from a New York State quarter, and silver(?) plated. About 6 months ago it started to tarnish, and now the copper from the inside of the quarter has been revealed. It's beginning to turn my skin green! Can I just take this to any jewelry shop and they can fix it up? Can it simply be replated? [Alternate solution inside]

She bought this ring from the NYPL store. It's no longer available on there, but there is a brand on the inside of the ring. The brand looks like this. Does anyone know who this manufacturer is and whether they can repair this ring or should I just go to a local jewelry shop?

Bonus points if your solution minimizes the amount/cost of retouching the ring in the future.

If it matters, I like wearing this ring every day, but not while exercising or sleeping.
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Best answer: Many jewelers can do rhodium plating, but it will have to be redone every couple of years considering you wear the ring daily.
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I haven't tried it myself, but several people I have known swear you can solve this problem with clear nail polish.
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Although this is no doubt way more than the cost of the ring, you could clean it very carefully and then nickel plate it on your own.
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It also looks like this person will make you a new one for $28 if you send him the quarter and this guy does them for about $20, but doesn't appear to have New York. And heck, here's a tutorial on how to DIY.
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"I haven't tried it myself, but several people I have known swear you can solve this problem with clear nail polish."

Depending on how acidic your skin is, this is only a temporary solution. The polish eventually wears off too....
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Plating will wear off if you wear the ring regularly, regardless of what the plating is made of. Silver is probably your cheapest option, although you'll end up spending more over time to maintain the sentimental value of that ring rather than replacing it through one of plinth's links.

I have a severe nickel allergy and use the nail polish trick on jewelry and metal button-backs, but it doesn't last long (maybe 2 or 3 wearings if it's a tight fit like a ring) before I can feel the nickel again.
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Best answer: Your best bet would be to have the ring rhodium plated.
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Response by poster: Thanks for telling me what I need to ask for, now all I have to do is find a place to do it!
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