"Mashita / Mashita"
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Who sings the K-pop song that's basically just a list of Korean foods (samgyeopsal, bossam, jjimgalbi, et al.) with the refrain of "Mashita, mashita" ("delicious, delicious")?

The rapper has a really laid back delivery, something you don't here in K-pop or rap all that much. And I'm assuming it's a new song, because I'd remember if I'd heard it before.
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I've only heard the song once and can't really remember it, but a Korean search seems to indicate that it's Go칼로리 (Feat. 정인) by 뚱.

-your friendly neighborhood kpop expert. (actually, that's not true, I know very little about kpop- our resident expert here is needled, I think.)
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suedehead has it.

To provide some background, 뚱's is a one-shot project from Gil (길) of hip-hop duo 리쌍 (LeeSsang) and comedian 정형돈, both regulars on the TV show "Infinity Challenge" (무한도전). The song was released to celebrate the show's 200th episode, and is based on their experiences with the weight-loss challenge featured on the show earlier this year.

(Bonus: 리쌍's hit from last year featuring indie darling Jang Kiha, 우리 지금 만나)

i'm not much of a k-pop expert either, just have a rather high degree of interest in korean popular culture
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Very nice. Thank you guys.
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