Uh, I am pretty sure it doesn't mean consuming pebbles in any literal sense.
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So . . . drug slang. "Eating rocks." Does that mean doing crack?

Yeah, I feel like an idiot for even asking. DARE worked for me, I guess?
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When I played soccer as a kid and someone fell to the ground my coach would yell at him for "eating rocks."

So, either the coach was inventive or it means something other than or in addition to what you think it means.

What was the context in which this phrase was used?
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What was the context in which this phrase was used?

Self-report from a delusional person who is a drug addict.
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Urban Dictionary doesn't know about it, and Urban Dictionary knows a lot.
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the "eating" makes me think it's not crack - maybe ecstasy? maybe other pills?

i agree with dfriedman - context will probably help.
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did they say anything else? anything about method or effects or other drugs they used with it?
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Sounds like ingesting pills.
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Well, crack looks like little pebbles, but it is smoked, not eaten (as far as I know), so either "eating" means "smoking" among drug addicts (possible, considering that many don't eat that much food), or this person meant something else entirely.
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Well, it's my brother and he has had another episode and is still delusional but no longer hospitalized, so when he says, while we're driving in the car, that he "ate rocks today" he won't always explain what he means. But he is also a drug addict so my assumption was that it had something to do with crack. It's hard to know, because information from him is incomplete, and he's not enough of a danger to himself or others to be hospitalized and drug-tested. So. Trying to get some more information so I can figure out how to proceed.
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To support what others have said: A "rock", in drug slang, would definitely refer to crack cocaine. But you don't eat it, you smoke it. I've never heard anyone say they've "eaten a rock".
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Oh, you know, I just remembered that he was complaining the other day that his brain "didn't have enough dopamine." Crack would take care of that. So another point in the "smoking crack" column.
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My first guess was 'eating rocks' was literal....like...eating the evidence?
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It looks from the previous question like he might be having financial problems too. If that's the case, could he have been saying that he's so broke that he couldn't afford to feed himself today so he ate rocks? Or maybe that he did have some food money but spent it on crack, and smoked that instead of eating a meal?
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Eating crack cocaine is a good way to get dead.
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People on drugs sometimes don't make sense. I had a dude tell me his eyes were drowning once.
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Could he not just mean that he fell down? Like eating dirt?
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"rocks" is definitely slang for crack. Eating them would be an inefficient way to get a high, though.

Could it be meth? I have heard the word "rocks" used for meth too, and it can sometimes look like rock candy. It's often eaten, because it supposedly takes longer to work in the body, and gives a different high, but lasts longer than smoking or snorting.
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It makes much more sense to me that he was saying that he didn't have money for food.
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Dealers often store crack in their mouths. If the cops come, it gets swallowed.

I don't think it's a reference so much to taking drugs as dealing drugs.
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It could mean anything. Maybe he ate crack cocaine because he is out of his mind. Or he could just mean he feels like shit. Or that he seriously fucked up somehow. Or yeah, the he fell down earlier in the day and hurt himself.
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Thanks for the responses y'all. I'm pretty sure it's not a money or scarcity thing--he has some cash from working construction over the winter. And I don't think he fell. I am pretty positive it's a drug reference--just hard to figure out what, exactly. Was hoping it was something obvious that I don't know because I am Pure of Mind or something. Alas.
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I vote for crystal meth. It's eaten and looks like rock candy.
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...or what Gemmy said.
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I also vote for meth, and add that it may be because it can lead to some serious dental issues -meth mouth, anyone? Eating/chewing rocks would also lead to dental problems.
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Could it be that he heard someone refer to cocaine as rocks, and once heard someone say "eating rocks" so he put the two together as a way to refer to doing cocaine, even though it doesn't make literal sense?
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Roxicet is a pill that people abuse. It makes users feel good, but to others they appear heavily opiated. Could he have said "Eating Rox" ?
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YES. WeekendJen. That would also make sense.
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Well, rocks (stones) in one's belly is a common preoccupation/delusion/hallucination in some schizophrenics... I don't know what the deal is with your brother or how this carries over to whatever he's got going, but maybe he actually ate some rocks.
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I think WeekendJen is right here, for reasons that weren't necessarily clear from the question. He's always been into opiates and pills, but not crack, and his delusions aren't usually of the eating rocks variety. Like, I'm about 99% sure he didn't actually eat rocks or just fall down, because he's used this phrase a couple of times on a couple of days and went on an "errand" the other day. He has money for food right now, so that's not an issue either.

Anyway, I appreciate your help. Things are shitty mcshitterson right now, as you can probably guess.
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