Haircut in Providence Rhode Island
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I would like to get a haircut in Providence RI this weekend: please advise.

The relevant details: I am female and would like a kick-ass short haircut. I often like the razor cutting technique. It would have to be on Saturday or Sunday, so no long waiting lists, and I would prefer the price to be <$50. No coloring necessary. In or close to the city would be best.

Who should I call?
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I've lived here for four years - I've yet to find a place I like. Sorry.. but here's places I don't like - Scissor Hand, Hairspray, W Salon, and any of them on Thayer Street. There's one up on Hope St near Rochambeau, Claudia's something that I like the best and is about 50 dollars. Good luck - let u know what you choose.
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I have a friend who works at Hairspray. She's very good.
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Response by poster: Ok, since I was prompted to follow up via MeFi Mail reminder, I went to Hairspray and got a good cut. Also, I printed out a promo from their website and received 5 bucks off. Thanks for the advice.
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