Movie Zero for the walk-away KABOOM
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As a result of a drunken challenge, we're trying to find Movie Zero (à la Patient Zero) where the hero walks away as something explodes and doesn't look back.

(You may know this trope as the Unflinching Walk, or, as the Lonely Island called it, "Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions".)

George Clooney slouches up the street in Syriana. Gary Oldman doesn't even look up from cigarette in The Fifth Element. Anton Chigurh needs his meds in No Country For Old Men. What was the earliest movie you can think of where the character walks away and doesn't look back as something explodes? (Slo-mo optional.) We're going to trace this sucker back to the source.

(To be clear, yes, there's famous bit in Goldfinger where Bond is the only one in the bar who doesn't react to the explosion. But we're looking for the walk-away.)
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Does surf or fight count?
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Ah, I guess the example of Get Mean given on the TV tropes page pre-dates Apocalypse Now.
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Does Mad Max count? He's driving but doesn't flinch, doesn't check rearview mirror. It predates Apocalypse Now by 4 months, but both films are 1979, so it'd be some time before that.
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I'll throw out that the trope doesn't have a Movie Zero so much as an "Artist Zero," and that artist was Buster Keaton. Known as "The Great Stone Face," Keaton's schtick was incredible physical stunts combined with underplayed comedy. Something would blow up, and he wouldn't react.

I think the Unflinching Walk is just Keaton's style used for drama instead of comedy.
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Roy Scheider pulls this move at the end of Blue Thunder after he parks the super-helicopter on some railroad tracks.
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Even if Apocalypse Now isn't the first, it's certainly the best.
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The earliest I know of is 99 and 44/100% Dead - a John Frankenheimer film from 1974.
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DO you think there could be a Biblical inspiration? The first thing I thought of was Lot not watching the destruction of Sodom.
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Does the explosion need to be triggered by the guy who's not looking at it? Seems like that's a big part of the trope that wouldn't really be tied to Lot fleeing Sodom (he had inside knowledge of the city's destruction, but he didn't cause it directly).
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God-DAMMIT. After I posted this question some friends showed up and I got pulled away from the computer. Sorry I wasn't able to stay more in the mix, and thanks for all these answers, which give us the beginnings of a genealogy, and a bunch of points to consider: does the guy have to cause the explosion? Can the Keaton style (that's a really good point, CPB) be considered the antecedent? In terms of influence on recent action movies, that Apocalypse Now clip seems like a pretty good bet ... but now we're going to track down the Frankenheimer movie. Something definitely happened in the early 70s, I think, but as part of a larger trend towards almost, sometimes completely, comic unflappability on the part of protagonists ...

To be continued! Thanks again, everybody.
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99 and 44/100% Dead is surprisingly hard to come by. I caught it on cable (Fox Movie Channel), where it sometimes makes the rounds. It is on youtube in 10-minute chunks in terrible quality. But if you want to see it, the moment in question is here.
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Awesome. I was just looking around for this. Thank you!
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How about war movies with stone-faced bomber pilots pictured with explosions in their wakes? That might be fruitful territory to mine.
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Iron Man? He pops the tank, turns around, and walks on.
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