Moves for when a man gives a lapdance to a woman.
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What are some classic moves that a man can do when he is giving a woman a lapdance?

I am a man interested in giving a woman a lapdance, but all my google searches have turned up moves for women to do when they are enacting a lapdance on a man.

Now - some of the moves I've read about aren't bad, and I can adapt them for my dance, but they tend to enhance and emphasize ass and tits. Neither of which I have (significantly). Can anyone direct me to a resource? I would even be interested in a list of moves where a man gives a lapdance to another man.

Being a heterosexual man, it's just hard for me to identify the parts of a man's body that would be sexy to a woman, and then to come up with lapdance-style moves that would emphasize them.
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You should discuss this with the woman getting a lapdance, as she may have specific likes about your body. Too much of a good thing is still a good thing.

If this is general question, you need to know what's hot on your body and work that. Good dancer? Dance your damn ass off! Have great shoulders? Let'em shine.

Googling male lap dance gets a lot of interesting links and videos. Do your homework!
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Given that most lapdance-style moves are designed to stimulate an erect penis this is hard to imagine how to reverse. It's a very utilitarian dance in some ways...I think you want some kind of dance that emphasizes the arms, shoulders, and glutes. Maybe more something presentational like a bodybuilding floor routine? Or is the lapdance aspect really key?
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I think the key difference between a woman giving a lapdance to a man and vice versa is that a female recipient is encouraged to touch the male dancer, but a male recipient is (from what I've seen) not allowed or discouraged to touch female dancers.

I hope you can parse that sentence. Anyway, the point is that a male dancer can take the female's hands and put them on his body to encourage her to touch him. This will give you a good idea of what areas she finds sexy. That will obviously vary from person to person, but most women I've known like a guy's ass.
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Lentrohamsanin, if you're a straight guy, you're waaaaaaaaaaay off. Nothing would turn me off faster than "a bodybuilding floor routine." Think foreplay with clothes on and no kissing.
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I'd just do all the moves a woman would.
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Having no hips or tits is no excuse!
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Lentrohamsanin has a good point... men's erections (usually) protrude upwards-ish from their laps, which makes lapdancing stimulate their penis.

If you're intending to stimulate the woman's vulva or clitoris, you will want to position her accordingly - maybe with legs open and pelvis elevated/tilted.

OP, it may be wise for you to quickly weigh in and explain the relationship you have to the recipient. If it's a sexual partner, you could do stuff (e.g. rub her clitoris with your penis) that you probably couldn't do in semi-public at a strip club.
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Brandon Blatcher - I did google male lap dance. I found most of the articles just picked up on the key words and were still about women giving lap dances to men. The videos I saw were okay, but didn't seem to enact any kind of routine.

Cranberrymonger - This is a friend of mine! We would be doing a performance at a loft space to fundraise for a sexual health NGO. It will be semi-public, so anything too too intimate might be a little awkward. Still, we wanted to role-reverse. I was just hoping that someone here might be able to point me in the direction of a list of classic moves for male lapdancers. Perhaps the question I am asking is wrong, or poorly phrased. Okay - if YOU were to get a lapdance from a man, what sorts of move could he do that YOU would find sexy?
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If my date was going to "give me a lapdance" and then started rubbing my clit, I'd be surprised and possibly offended. That's not dancing, you lazy git, that's frottage. I know On-Man lapdances are kind of both, but that's just NOT what I expect to happen when I receive a lapdance.

Here are some suggestions:

- gyrating straddled over her lap, thrusting upward (like doing a crunch) and putting your hands behind your head

- doing pushups with your hands on the chairback behind her, coming down on both sides of her neck. Lots of women like breathy talk or just breath on the napes of their neck.

- anything you can do that simulates ballroom dancing moves... when I think of romantic dancing with a man, I think of him twirling me up into his arms or lifting or dipping me... so, could you like, tilt her back in the chair and down into your embrace?
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Ooh, or how about spreading her legs and pushing yourself up (hands on the chair seat) through her legs so your face passes her crotch and you wind up face to face with her with your crotch in hers? Then down and up again. I kind of think of that like you're trying to rub your whole body on her magical lady zone, like a cat. Acting like being near her makes you super hot is crucial, of course.
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