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I am an English lady coming to New York in April with a gaggle of commited homosexualist men and one other female. The aforesaid dedicated homosexualists will undoubtedly want to explore the gay bars of New York, and probably the seedier the better. Can anyone advise me on which gay bars are women-friendly and which should probably be left to the boys? Which ones are the most fun? We will be in the vicinity of the West Village.
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"homosexualist"? Is that what they're saying in England these days?
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Actually, the New York gay bars are all pretty woman-friendly, especially for a sassy woman such as yourself. There's certainly nowhere you'll be banned; doubt you'll even get so much as a dirty look. Particularly if you're wearing something fabulous. I think we're over all that b.s. now.

The English boys always want to go to The Cock on Avenue A. Swear to God, some nights it's like a sleazy, dirty Earl's Court over there. Followed by a brief trip to the Phoenix on 13th and A.

There's a similar Chelsea tour, summarized by a local gossip columnist here. Nicer than the East Village, but sometimes sleazy. Also: 2004's best gay parties; still fairly up to date, I recommend The Hole and Marquee/Slide on Bowery/2nd Ave respectively. Definitely terribly unclean at times both.

I wanna come! Sounds like a fun trip.
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Response by poster: I have heard mention of the Cock. Well, we're coming on April 7th till 11th, RJ and will undoubtedly be at the Cock at some point. I'm the tall one with blonde curly hair. The rest are my minions. Ta for your help.
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We will be in the vicinity of the West Village.

I work in the West Village. I was unaware there were any straight bars left besides WXOU and The White Horse. And even those are gay-freindly.
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When i was in New York with a gaggle of girls/homosexualists (i am so using that term now), we went to Cheetah, which was fun for all. Also, courtesy of the male go-go-dancer-type dancers who chose to really 'let loose', I have now seen the biggest penises on the planet. But I digress.

It was fun - maybe a 60/40 or 70/30 gay/straight split, so fun for all.
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The Cock is definitely seedy and female friendly. I went there with a couple of guys when we were in NYC, Nov '03. They were told it was the place to go. I wasn't in there more than 5 minutes before someone tried to sell me coke. There were a couple of average looking guys dancing on the bar. After 1/2 hour we walked out smelling like pot & cigarette smoke. That maybe what you're looking for, I make no judgments. But in my opinion, you can find much nicer places.
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