Can't Display Unicode #0CAO -- Part of Emoticon Meme and Thus *Everywhere* -- in Mac Firefox. Help?
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I can't get Unicode character 0CAO -- which is a part of a popular emoticon-based meme -- to correctly display in Firefox, despite, as far as I can tell, having the necessary fonts installed on the system. A picture speaks a thousand words, so: These are my Firefox font settings. This is how this page looks in Firefox. This is how it looks in Safari. This page suggested I needed Arial Unicode MS (which appears to already be part of the Mac OS X operating system?). I also installed a Kannada font from here. No go. Any ideas? It's not so much that I really love the meme; moreso that I really detest seeing those Unicode boxes pop up everywhere on God's green Earth when the character fails to display in Firefox.
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Ah, The Look of Disapproval.

Oddly it's not working for me, either, and I'm on Safari (5.0). I know I've seen it on Reddit, so I checked my iPhone (3.12) and it displays fine.

Which versions are you using?
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Firefox v3.6.4 – where it doesn't work, Safari v4.0.5 – where it works. On Mac OS 10.6.3.
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Try installing this font. Read the rest of this thread if that didn't work.

Incidentally, it's U+0CA0 not 0CAO (zero not oh.)
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BEAUTIFUL! :-) Thank you, the Kedage font did indeed do the trick perfectly.
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