name this painting?
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NameThisPainting filter: Inside is a link to a photo of a print in my in-laws living room. Can the hive tell me who did it and what it's called, if anything?

can anyone tell me the artist who did this painting, and anything else about it, as in date, location, etc?


(Please excuse the reflections from the glass. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to set it up properly.)

Thank you.
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Playing with Google Image search has not panned out for me, but here are two things that might be helpful in searching for it:
1) the woman on the left appears to be knitting.
2) based on the fact that they both appear to be wearing wooden clogs, I'm betting they (and probably the artist) are Dutch.
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Are there hills like that in the Netherlands? Rural people in other European countries wore wooden shoes, I'm sure I saw some in France in the 1950s.
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For some reason, I keep thinking that it is French and from one of the Academy painters. The subject matter is similar to Jules Breton's of peasant life and I think the clothes maybe traditional Breton. But I'm an art heathen so definitely don't take my word.
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