Cheap Mental Health Help in Denver
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Can anyone recommend a good mental health professional or clinic in the Denver area that works on a sliding scale?

So this friend of mine (yes, seriously... If it was me, I would not post anonymously, but I am looking into this incognito for them.) Has been experiencing some rather severe emotional issues over the past several months. The end result has been a broken relationship, and a lot of depression. A possible or probable diagnosis for them would be borderline personality disorder, if that helps steer anyone in the right direction.

I know enough to know that this sort of issue is never going to be solved with a single visit to a mental health professional, and they simply do not have the money to pay over 100 dollars a week for counseling that is not covered by their insurance.
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Psychology Today find a therapist has been linked many times here on askme.
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Cedar Springs is a great facility in Colorado Springs. They have a free crisis evaluation that friend has been through. She said it was about an hour meeting with an evaluator who then laid out her options. The joint itself is inpatient and probably expensive, but the evaluation helped her find options.
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People House in Denver has psychology interns that work on a sliding scale.
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Where I live, the County Mental Health department is a single contact point for referral to any services (usually low cost, free is you have medicare/medi-cal) that your friend would be eligible for.
Another option is to call 211 - they should be able to give you the names and numbers of several places to check out.

Also, are they sure their insurance doesn't have any mental health coverage? The new laws require parity (treating mental illness like any other) so your friend should double check that - the situation sounds serious enough that it would qualify as an illness.
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