What is the best way to transport several large mirrors safely?
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What is the best way to transport several large mirrors safely?

This weekend I need to transport eight mirrors that are 6x3ft in size. I will have access to a van with a cargo area large enough to lay them flat or stand them vertically.

I'll only need to transport them a few miles in light traffic. Would laying them flat in the back of the van with a thick blanket in between each mirror provide enough protection? Should I buy some thick insulation foam to pad the floor and then transport them standing up on their long edges? Does placing the stress on the "strong edge" even matter for such a short distance?

Any other tips related to moving mirrors you might have are welcome too!
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For a short trip, all you really need to do is support them on the long edge on something resilient (foam is okay) and lean them mostly vertically with a small spacer between each (a few scraps of cardboard will be fine). Make sure you strap them securely to the wall of the vehicle.

This is basically what window repair companies do.

Do not lay them down for transport unless they are going to be supported entirely.
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I am a electrician, and I do a lot of repair and restoration work - after a store has a fire or something.

I have seen many glass companies come to a job site to replace broken front windows on stores. I have never once seen a glass company that transports large sheets of glass by laying them down. Every reputable glass company transports them standing up vertically.

Mind you, these professional glass guys have to drive all over and in heavy traffic. Nevertheless, it is worth noting, the pros stand the glass up vertically
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I have two mirrors approximately the same size as yours, and I will third that you would not transport them laying down. I wrap mine in blankets and wedge them with in with something big for support.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! This just confirms what I thought (that placing them flat was probably a terrible idea that would lead to stress fractures). I'll stand them up and secure them in place as best I can.
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