Trying to find a recent blog post about attending public meetings with members of parliament
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Trying to find a recent article about attending public meetings with members of parliament, possibly in Australia.

Some time in the last three or four months, I read a very interesting piece, a blog post (I think), by an Australian (I think) about attending a meeting with his MP. The MP told him how rare it was to hear in person from people who weren't elderly nutters, or words to that effect, and the blogger was writing about how this explained why MPs adopt odd views and claim the public likes them.

I found this inspirational and interesting, but I just cannot remember now where I read it. By chance does this ring any bells?
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Best answer: Was it "Deep in the Heart of Adelaide with Tony Zappia" by any chance? It was the one I thought of reading your question.
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Just wanted to say I'm glad you couldn't find it and posted here, because that was fascinating reading. Fascinating and a wee bit scary.
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