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The new CV half-shaft for my car is too short. Why is this and why can't I find any the right length?

I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L Manual 5-speed car. The driver side CV axle is worn out and making noises. I ordered one from Autozone (part #9463) and O'Reilly Auto Parts (part #60-1219).

The one from O'Reilly's was about 2 inches shorter than my old one. When trying to install it the shaft was extended all the way out, causing the boot to collapse on itself. My old one didn't do this and the new one shouldn't have either.

The one from Autozone looked completely wrong.

I have tried to find one online that is the right length, about 25 5/16 in., but can only find ones that are 23 inches.

Neither parts store knows why the parts don't fit, My only other option is to take the old one in to get repaired.

Does anyone know why my new CV half-shaft doesn't fit?
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Which 2000 Chevy Cavalier trim level do you have? If I remember correctly there were three trim levels made, the base, an LS and the Z24, made in 2000. I want to remember that of those, two of them match the description you just gave (2.2 and manual-5). Did you double check that you were ordering the right CV axle for your trim level?

Are you the first owner of your car? Could your car have had suspension work done prior to you buying it to replace / exchange major chunks of it with something custom / after market?
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They sent you the wrong ones, or you ordered the wrong ones. Sorry if this seems
obvious, but it's happened to me, both ways.

Another horrible thing that has happened a few times in the last 6 months is some
other scumbag ordered the part, used the part, stuffed something that resembled
the part in the box, and shipped it back (on their dime). The next customer that gets
that box gets the problem.

Send them back. Getting them to pay for shipping if they messed up is really hard.

Try They have good customer service.
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Parts are always a mess. First make sure your car is a 2000. Check the vehicle emissions control information stucker under the hood and confirm with the tenth VIN digit. It should be a Y for 2000 and the sticker should say the car confirms to model year 2000 standards. Also make sure that you are clear abou which side axle you're ordering. When refering to "right" and "left" on a car, that description is relative to the drivers perspective, not from the perspective of facing the vehicle. So, right (in the US) is passenger side and left is driver side.

This sort of bullshit happens to me all the time. Parts get mis-boxed or box swapped. Cores and used parts get put in boxes and delivered. The dipshit working the parts counter can't sober up long enough to find me the right part. And then sometimes, I find out I'm working on a car that went through a design revision half way through the model year. Try ordering an axle for a 99 and an 01 and see if you have any luck. I over-order and return parts as necessary all the time.
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It's most likely that the cores were wrong and now, because the box always contains the wrong piece, the bad cores are stuck in the system because people keep on returning them as wrong but no one wants to eat the cost.

Axles aren't all that difficult to rebuilt (one of the reasons that QA on rebuilt units is so crappy is there isn't any capital requirements for rebuilding) and as long as your axle isn't bent it'll be good as new. If you can find a place in town to rebuild your axle that is what I'd do.
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The engine could be off-center. The motor mounts can fail or slip. I would check the other side and make sure it doesn't look over-compressed.

It also looks like the measurement is taken with the drive shaft compressed fully, so make sure you are doing that before taking the measurement.
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