Portable drumset with a cymbal attached to kit?
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Has anyone seen this drum set but NOT made by first act?

I remember being in a guitar center in Chicago and playing a small, portable sized drumset that sounded pretty good (better than my Sonor Extreme Force) and I distinctly remember it having a cymbal coming straight-up attached to the drum kit just like the First Act Discovery (kids) drumsets. I'm really have my doubts that it could have been one of those First Act drumsets they sell at Toys R Us. I've looked high and low online for portable drumsets that have a cymbal stuck into the kit but can only come up with the Toys R Us variety. I know that First Act also makes instruments for not-kids and was wondering if they made a drumset the same size as the kids variety but with better quality. I distinctly remember the set i played having a totally decent sounding bass kick and i just can't believe that the bass kick would sound any good on the First Act kids set. Have I been searching only to find that I've found what I've been looking for all this time? Thanks.

Oh yeah, and the kit i played definitely had more than four pieces on it.
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Did you look at the related products on Amazon? There's this from DeRosa which looks like much better quality and it is on sale at $90 which looks like a steal. Better reviews too.
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Could it be this GP product? They don't see to have it on Amazon any more, but I bought the 5-piece version for my son (which has the cymbal mounted on a bent rod between the toms instead of straight out of the kick drum like this one) and -- other than the cymbals getting bent up a bit from his crazy bashing -- it sounds good (esp after I cut a hole in the kick drum's front skin and stuffed it with a few baby blankets) and has held up extremely well so far. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.
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Here is the one I bought for him; it's no longer available on Amazon, but hopefully GP still sells it through other vendors, if this is the one you're looking for.
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Here's a few sets
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