Flush mount photo album companies?
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Where can I find a flush mount photo album company that sells to the public, not just professional photographers?

I'm looking for the kind of album that has extra thick pages and the photos are the pages. I've checked out Adorama Pix and other photobook websites, but I'd like something more sturdy than what they offer.

I've tried to find places that sell to the general public, but everywhere I've seen only sells to professional photographers. Surely there must be someone out there willing to take my money!
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Response by poster: I am looking for something like this
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Why can't you just order from the site you linked to? I don't see anything indicating that you must be a professional photographer to order from them. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try.
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It sounds like that place will take entry level photographers. The reason they only want to deal with photographers is to avoid copyright snaffles and deal with ongoing clients. If you own the copyright on your photos, you could simply lie.

Alternatively, you could use a service like Blurb or Adoramapix (about which i have heard very good things, but not used.)
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Best answer: I never noticed that these weren't readily available to the public until I started googling for you. I did manage to find a couple places. I can't vouch for quality or anything. Most of it I found through a weddingbee post.

Somerset Albums
Sweet Memory Albums
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Best answer: Sorry to post again, but I found a couple more. Again, I can't vouch for quality, only online existence.

Album Binding
Album Art
Photography Albums
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