USB Thumb Drive as MP3 Player?
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Hello! I'm looking for a simple solution to turn my 64GB USB Thumb Drive into a portable MP3 player. Nothing fancy, simple display, controls, and small screen. I have Microsoft Sync in my new car, and a laptop that I travel with. Seems like it would be easy to keep all my mp3s on one thumb drive and take it with me rather than having multiple copies floating about on all devices. There used to be an old Lexar & I believe a Sandisk product that allowed for this. Anyone aware of anything more recent or that supports all 64GB? Thank you in advance. PS. My USB drive is not one of those fancy encrypted ones, so it works in every device I've tried it in.
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I have Microsoft Sync in my car, too, and you can just plug in a USB thumb drive to the USB connection in the car and it plays the tracks directly from it, complete with voice command control for changing tracks, artists, playlists, etc.
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It sounds like you're basically looking for an mp3 player with USB host capabilities. I don't have any remotely recent device recommendations, but maybe that'll help your googling.
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Portable apps has a few music players included. You also get a few other tools that will not use up too much of your 64 GB ( try not to lose it )
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Thank you, I am currently using the drive to play tracks in the car, but I also wish to use it as a portable MP3 player when I'm not driving and/or when I don't have my computer handy. Just a simple player with headphone jack, start, stop, pause, small lcd etc.

Thank you!

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Any ideas? Hope someone has one. Thank you again.
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