Which A/V receiver would you buy
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Question for any audiophiles out there - I am looking at buying a used A/V receiver (5.1) and have narrowed my search down to two particular models (both priced about the same)...one is a NAD T742 and the other is an Onkyo Integra DTR 4.6.....any advice as to which one would make the best one for use in a home theatre system. Added info - front speakers are Mission 700's, Paradigm sub woofer and rear are Paradigm Titans. I know that these receivers are not the latest & greatest on the market but I am confident that either one will provide great sound but I might as well get the best one of these two.
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How do they compare on in/outs? Does either support HDMI or the new hi-def audio codecs? How do they compare on power, and how efficient (in dB) are your speakers? Any chance you can audition one or both of them? If you're confident in both of them, and they're well-matched in features (that you'll actually use), choose whichever is in the best shape (instead of the one that's $10 less). Buying used audio equipment is a roll of the dice, but local audio shops or sellers on Audiogon have more incentive to fly right than eBay/Craigslist.
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NAD has a pretty bad reliability record compared to Onkyo. Also, even though the NAD is pretty well known for quality 2 channel sound home theater isn't its forte. I've used Onkyo in the past and thought they were a good compromise between 2 channel and 5.1.
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I'm not sure if this supports or contradicts white_devil said, but I bought a fairly high-end 2-channel sound system about 15 years ago, with all NAD electronics, and it has worked fine that whole time. I've always kinds of sneered at that Onkyo shit as strictly "mid-fi", whereas I was a proper "hi-fi" snob, albeit at the extreme low end.

Yeah, I spent a year reading Stereophile. Cue tired comments about expensive cables.
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