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What are these paintings on display at the Berlinische Galerie?

The first painting, on first sight, appears to be a wall-sized print of a photograph of mountains. It becomes impressive once you realize that it's actually a painting and not just a giant picture.

I don't recall what the second painting is of (possibly, also mountains), but the remarkable thing about it was that it also looked like a photo but upon further inspection, the artist painted it so that it would look like the image consisted of large thumbprints.
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No idea for the first one, but Chuck Close is the photorealist artist best known for that fingerprint technique. Was it by any chance a portrait?
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Have not been there, but the first one sounds just like Gerhard Richter - wiki says:
"Many of Richter's paintings are made in a multi-step process of representations. He starts with a photograph, which he has found or taken himself, and projects it onto his canvas, where he traces it for exact form. Taking his color palette from the photograph, he paints to replicate the look of the original picture. His hallmark "blur"—sometimes a softening by the light touch of a soft brush, sometimes a hard smear by an aggressive pull with his squeegee—has two effects: 1. It offers the image a photographic appearance; and 2. Paradoxically, it testifies the painter's actions, both skilled and coarse, and the plastic nature of the paint itself."
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