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Where are all the camp meeting grounds in the United States? Is there a comprehensive directory anywhere?

Just came back from a vacation on Martha's Vineyard, where I spent a lot of time exploring the history of the camp meeting there. I also lived in a camp-meeting town in New Jersey as a child, and know of a couple others nearby.

I would really like to visit as many camp meeting locations as possible, especially those dating from the nineteenth century and especially where they have evolved into a part of a regular town. Do you know of any? Or do you know of an existing listing or directory?

I've found some directories of contemporary Holiness camp meetings, but that is one subset of camp meeting for a single denomination, and I would love to have a catalog that takes in all the various denominations of the movement.
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Here is an article listing both historic and current camp meeting sites in Georgia.
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I love the colorful cottages outside Hamilton, Ontario that were part of a Methodist camp from around the mid nineteenth century.
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Does this include Chatauquas, a Methodist-founded educational and religious gathering? If so, the College Park at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville used to be named "Chatauqua Park".
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If you are including Chatauquas, Boulder, CO has a really lovely Chatauqua that is a National Historic Landmark and the buildings are intact and in use. Additionally, the park provides access to world-class hiking and climbing and is one of the most visited sites in Boulder (from my non-scientific observations).
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Check memail. We do campmeeting every year. I have LOTS of answers and experience. Would love to share!!
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There has been lots of research about my family campmeeting (Salem in Covington, Ga). Thought I would share....
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Pacific Grove, CA, right next to Monterey and the home, for a while, of John Steinbeck, got its start as a Methodist camp. The Pacific Grove museum has a nice online exhibit.
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Highland Park in Sellersville, PA has been around since 1893. I know people whose families have gone for generations. Feel free to message me if you'd like more info.
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Response by poster: Well, thanks all. I ran across one citation that there are still over 1,500 camp meetings operating today, down from about 3,000 at the turn of the century. And many defunct ones live on as neighborhoods. But there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive listing anywhere that includes more than one region or denomination. So maybe I'll have to make a project of it! Thanks for the information you've linked here - it's a start!
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